AVEDA Memories so far and my opinion on Sheffield’s recent Town Hall Meetings. ……

Well, the weeks are flying by at The Aveda Institute Dallas and each week proves to be more interesting and packed with more great memories….today I went for a brow wax and it did not hurt at all….then when she finished I looked in the mirror to see why it did not hurt….the wax pulled a layer of skin off of my face. I should have known that after I the facials at school waxing was not the smartest decision. But, my face is no longer looking like a piece of raw meat so I can now look back and laugh.  Now, I returned home to hear that we had a visit from our State Rep. DR. JD Sheffield which he has now spent more time in Comanche than he did in his primary election campaign.  Perhaps, it is the whispers of the growing discontent from: Erath, Somerville, Hamilton and parts of Coryell counties that has the Doctor already gearing up for a reelection bid. It is never too early to start thinking about 2014. For, if the rumors are true yes he is a rookie in Austin but, your first two years should be years that you dramatically define your beliefs and strongly stand up for what you believe is in the best interests of not only your district. But, a rookie should be thinking about Texas and what direction he feels the state should be taking on the issues facing all Texans. He has filed his first piece of legislation I read somewhere and will it go down in the history books. I would not think so but, any serious rookie I would advise put forth legislation that people will remember.  Unless, Sheffield is playing it safe politically then in my opinion makes him no different than many others we see who are elected to a political position. My question to him still is: Why did he not sign the pledge back during the runoff.  Or, why was I not granted five minutes. His campaign manager had my cell phone number and knows how to text. I still laugh at how he asked me what I was promised in return for writing that pledge. My answer was, “I remain active because I have strong convictions and I have never accepted a dime from anyone.” I’m sure that his answer is the same as mine.  Until I was informed how much he was paid a week. I was sent recently the ethics commission report filed against the Sheffield campaign questioning $60, 000. I have not had time to read it but,  I guess I will find it a nice way to pass a sunday afternoon.  Our main priority needs to be: Public Education, Illigal Immigration and School Safety.  Dr. Jones had a great blog on the issue of illegal immigration on http://www.texansunited.com I encourage everyone to read it.  Well back to the books and hope all is well! -Dawson


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