Week Three at The Aveda Institute of Dallas and the thoughts overheard of a Central Texas Business Owner—-

So, tomorrow I return to the Aveda institute in Dallas and I am so stoked! Why? Well, as many of you know this school which prides itself on its outstanding reputation as producing the most sucessful professionals in the business and if you think that this is your ordinary beauty school.  Well,  think again.  On top of a typical Anadomy and Physiology that comes with every “Esty” program we are dual learning this also the Aveda Concepts which are not only detailed but, approach caring for ones skin from a whole body approach.  Now, the professional ethics that are being molded into us are standards that we are not only expected to uphold but, this I do believe sets our program apart from others. In a judgement free classroom my peers are becoming friends and we all have to have a trust level as we are performing practice on each other. It takes a high levek if trust especially when it comes to waxing day.  I am so ho kred to be in this program and will keep you uodated but, the 22 in our class are simply, “The Best”. We are still learning but, my peers are so intelligent and progressive that each one of them will make a dent in the industry.  We are the future and it is our tine to shine!

Now, in a small town of 5, 000 people there are opinions. Which everyone has the right to an opinion. But, it has been my personal observations that have shown me that people love to complain but, they are not active in the process.  Or, are they taking any measures to try and change anything that they do not like. I know one person can make a difference I have seen it so I do not buy that shitty excuse.  That person is just too lazy.  He is comfortable in the business he owns where his customers are at the mercy of the grill and hiw fast he can pop something in the microwave and slap it on a plate.  I have found that people who bitch like that mske a good point but,  they are usually cheating the system. Thats all fir now


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