The Next President……True Power is yours!!

As the person who in 2008 made the promise to both: Mr. Hause and Mr. Geidon that I would see that their co-authored resolution; “The Texas One Step” would by pass the resolutions committee and go straight to the floor for a vote. I think it is time to speak out about a few things. In 2008 I had the honor of serving as my Precinct and County Chair of my local Democratic Party Conventions. I was only 23 but, we managed through it. I then after seeing the bitter and unnecessary division in the Texas Democratic Party after the Primary election in 2008. Old Yellow Dog Democrats turned Republican there were the most hateful things said within a party a single group of men and women who claim to have the greater cause in mind. I made that promise because I knew that it would be killed in the Resolution Committee and there was to be no more conflicts because it already was like the Civil War and Boyd Ritchie from Young County was up for re-election. Ritchie who originally was a Clinton Delegate switched so he would ensure his re-election. That is my take on it. From my little apartment in Comanche, Texas I sat out to complete my promise to Nixon County. Now, I did not have a chance in hell but, that is when I usually focus like a bastard and see what happens. It restored my faith in people when the team assembled across the state divided into Senate Districts. I still have the notes to remind me that anyone can make a difference and when people come together under one cause you can still be heard. Scott Cobb, from Austin who had tried to petition before knew the process and was a great help. I arrived in Austin, Texas and we had signs and a table Scott did a great job from Austin. But, all of us faced an uphill battle with the TDP as progression and change is not an easy thing. It is necessary if something is not working right but, these big ole Democrats were not budging. So, the first day of the convention we had the proper sheets where we had to collect our 30% of the entire delegations signatures. It was around 3,500 I think and we had about 24 hours or a little more. 

Well, the second day I got the text message from Scott that we did it! The next thirty minutes were utter Chaos. I remember that Royce West appeared from no where and then we had to evacuate the building. That was as were were dividing the house for a roll call vote. It was tabled but, it is an example that we all regardless of our differences can work together. Now, I did not do anything after the convention I felt that Mr. West’s committee was bias for any person who forms a committee and has a strong opinion against it should not be given that task. I did hand Ritchie a copy of the Resolution the night before and introduced myself and said, “Here is a copy of the Texas One Step Resolution see you on the floor. A total legally blond moment. Now, if the TDP wants to avoid another 2008 they must look past the color of the skin or the whiteness of the teeth. He may have a pretty wife. The Husband may be handsome but, that does not solve problems. I found it sad that the Mayor of San Antonio was thrown up at a podium and he smiled, winked and had a lovely daughter and wife and he is the token latino. No, he is not what we need neither is Rubio. For, I am half Aztec and Spanish and I was raised by a white family who is a member of the LGBT community and my experience still disqualifies me at this moment for an office that effects us all! I have them on the minority game. I know that Democrats will join me in pledging that this next election you will choose someone with experience and someone who can hold their own. Man or Woman it needs to be someone who will push the red button not dust it! Think of Margaret Thatcher and how she bucked up to Reagan. We need someone elected by the people not by Reid and Pelosi. Remember true power is the people’s and that is the truth! I have seen it and now it is time to act!! I want feedback. Let them keep their guns, protect our schools, fund our education but, spending must be cut!! 


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