“HD 59” Our Rep. Is going to work Right?

Well, I am going to pull a Liz Smith but, it has come to my attention that a source close to Austin and to JD Sheffield the man who campaigned on high promises of representation….well…may enjoy Gatesville. I was called and told that he has not been doing well on his attendance.
I must remind people that the voters has to have him but, before he was sworn in I spoke with a woman from Hamilton County who was concerned and not too happy. Somerville County is on that list and possibly I am told Erath. I did not get a response when I sent a copy via text message to Glenn Jeffers to pass on to his friend and former boss Rep. Sheffield. I would rather him attend meetings in Austin and not around the district. Both would be nice but, I do not want to ask to much of him he is new. Since I am a member of the press I am calling tomorrow for a one on one sit down interview! We will see if I can be granted one! Let’s not forget that if Mike Jones had not run Sid Miller would be in office. Rep. Sheffield did win but the runoff turnouts were low and it makes him sound like the prince killing Malificant the Dragon. Oh, he has a democratic record which is interesting also! Enough pussyfooting around!


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