The Ballad of the Baker

I just wanted to share that there is a great short film about the historic, “Baker Hotel” on You Tube. I had mentioned that after a year of not being able to retrieve an original laundry bag still on the hanger from the 1930’s. A kind soul bought the item and I bought it back and then returned it to a store across from the hotel. The gentleman collects Baker Hotel items and I thought that it deserved to go back home! I am so glad it is safe and sound and was not thrown away as trash. You know some people do not really know what they have or how historical some items can be. Others, just do not care. That aside, a friend messaged me and asked if i remember taking our Tour of the Hotel in 2003. We were the last tour that the city allowed and we stayed the night it was great fun. It was closed to the public shortly after. We shared the stories about what happened and how we were like the only people in the hotel along with the ghost hunters. Fun times! 


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