A Latino Bush?

Ok, it is one thing to have brown skin and get up in front of a crowd and promise to represent Latino voters. But, his last name is Bush. There is a great Latino who can relate to all Latinos because he is just like them..Oh dear, I being half Aztec and Spaniard can relate better. Even though I was adopted by a white family I have seen the hardworking Hispanics across this State and Country and the last thing we need on either side is a blue blooded Hispanic who gets into office for I can tell you his decisions will help those who is is like. He is a Bush…..Yes he may be attractive but, does he have any contact with ordinary people away from the camera? Or is he another puppet who is brown. Ted Cruz cracks me up. He is Cuban….Rubio- Cuban. Has anyone seen Scarface? 

Oh, on Monday I will begin to try and meet with my Representative and see if he is going to keep his word. But, on Monday I did speak with Hamilton County who said that the only thing that they could understand was he was, “Pro Second Amendment”. 

Then she said that there was some guy right by: Dr. Sheffield.

You know if you are a good campaign manager you stand at the back and the rest falls into place. I want a meeting alone with my Representative. If I wanted any advice from his Winged Monkey who accused my of taking a bribe. I will find him in the hall or the break room. That way if he loses his temper again like he did several times with me. I will just feed him a cookie like he is a parrot. We have no place for anger or hatred in Austin or Washington. 


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