The Texas House Day One

So in just a few short hours as it is written and has been for years. On the second Tuesday of January at noon following an election year the new elected House Of Representatives and Senate members elected shall be sworn in. Well, the atmosphere is very interesting it has begun to rain and I woke up thinking that this might set the mood for the rest of the day. With talks of protests and rallies of angry Texans shouting for everything from healthcare to Public Education I am kind of nervous. But, I know that my job is if given the chance is to be true to who I am and see if I can not get a straight answer from anyone regarding the numerous things on the minds of our state. This will be interesting as I have never done anything like this before but, I ask you all to pray that in a few hours as we all meet at the Capitol that God will keep all safe and help our leaders make the right decisions. Now, I’m going to plug my ears and pray for another hour!



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